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About Us

The Passaporte

Passaporte is a project conceived and developed by Patrícia Vasconcelos, to promote the talent and professionalization of Portuguese actors across borders. Since its first edition, in 2016, Passaporte has been establishing a prominent space in placing actors in international productions.

In this unique event in Portugal, we organize several activities between actors and casting directors, with the aim to fulfill the necessary network to open doors to our actors.

Any professional actor* can apply to participate, under the mandatory requirements in accordance with the Regulation in force for each edition.

The selected actors will be part of a full programme of activities with the casting directors. Passaporte’s programme also includes a wide schedule of workshops open to the public*.

*any type of participation in the event, requires the membership of the Portuguese Academy of Cinema

Sofia Avelar and Patrícia Vasconcelos
Casting Directors

Veja as edições anteriores do Passaporte

Since 2016, Passaporte has directly led our actors to integrate into international productions.