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PASSAPORTE - 8th edition

  1. The 8th edition of Passaporte takes place from the 28th of June to the 2nd of July, in Lisbon, Portugal.
  1. Passaporte is a project that promotes the internationalization of portuguese actors, introducing them to recognised casting directors internationally
  1. Podem participar no Passaporte, cidadãos de nacionalidade Portuguesa, maiores, que sejam membros ou amigos da Academia Portuguesa de Cinema e na condição de terem as quotas em dia e que dominem a língua inglesa.
  1. The application and participation on the program Passaporte is free, being it funded by The Ministry of Culture - Portuguese Government, the Municipal Council of Lisbon, the GDA Foundation, with the support of the Portuguese Cinema Academy and other partners.
  1. The participants from previous editions will be invited to participate in the edition due, and consequently, to update their material (material with more than 3 years won’t be accepted).
  1. There is no limit for applications during the period stipulated for that.
  1. The applications for new participants will take place from the 13th of march to the 3rd of april 2023, online, at
  1. The application form must be filled in english, and attached the following mandatory elements:

    a) CV (Curriculum Vitae) in english, PDF, max. size 5MB;

    b) A Photo, JPEG or PNG, max. size 5MB;

    c) A
    Self-tape of the script given bt the jury (available Here), in english; the Self-tape must be available until the end of the event, accessible online - vimeo, youtube or similar.

    A presentation video, in english, max. 1 minute; the video must be available until the end of the event, accessible online - vimeo, youtube or similar.

  2. Optionally, the candidate can also submit a Showreel , subtitled in english when the spoken language is not english, max. 5 minutes; ​the video must be available until the end of the event, accessible online - vimeo, youtube or similar.
  1. The application is considered complete when after the form is submitted, the candidate sends an email to , confirming that submission.​
  1. Any application submitted out of the set time established for the matter, or if don't follow the necessary conditions on this regulation, won't be considered.
  1. The organization’s decision of excluding any participation is unappealable. ​
  1. The applications will be evaluated by the jury of Passaporte in two stages:
    a) On a first stage, will be evaluated the mandatory and optional elements submitted - mentioned on points 8 and 9. The candidates not selected for the second stage will be informed by email.b) The selected actors for the second stage will have to make a new Self-tape, with another script given by the jury.
  2. All the Jury’s decisions are supreme and unappealable.
  1. Any call for information regarding the applications must be sent to the organization, who is exclusively responsible to clarify and sort out. ​
  1. The selected actors for the 8th edition of Passaporte will be notified by email until the 22nd of May.​
  1. The selected actors must confirm by email, immediately, their total availability to participate in Passaporte, that takes place from the 28th of june to the 2nd of july 2023, in the period from 10AM to 7PM, in Lisbon. ​
  1. If, for any reason, the participant doesn’t assure the total availability for the present edition, it will be frozen, being able to participate in the future editions.
  1. The selected actors will have to participate in the followed mandatory activities: 10 minutes interviews with the casting directors invited; showcase; workshops​
  1. Image rights clearance:

    a) With the acceptance of the selection, the actors accept and explicitly authorize the orgaization APFACT - Assoiação Portuguesa de Formação de Actores para Cinema e Televisão, to use their name, image and/or voice, still or on the move, for instance in photographs and/or reels, captured from the organization or for whom it assignes and all that are delivered by the candidate itself, with commercial, informative and/or advertising purposes, related exclusively with the Program, in any type of material, documents and other communications means, destined to internal use and/or promotion, which may include all social networks, independently of the platform, among others, broadcast advertising in print and/or on television and the internet, which may include, among others, promotion and marketing, on the internet, including websites and social networks, directly or through third parties, provided that the use of name, voice and image is for the exclusive purpose of promoting the Passporte Program.

    b) The actors also agree that their name, voice and image can be reproduced and used in any physical and/or digital support (known or to come), as well as be combined with other images (still or moving), texts or graphics, as well as undergo changes or modifications.

    c) This authorization binds the heirs of the selected actors and their representatives, and is worldwide in nature.

    d) Os actores declaram concordar com o facto de não apresentarem direitos sobre o uso do nome, voz e imagem obtidas e utilizadas no âmbito do presente Programa, nomeadamente direito a qualquer contrapartida económica pela sua utilização e, que todos os direitos emergentes do uso daquelas pertencem à organização.

  1. The organization is not responsible for computer errors or the unavailability of computer systems and solutions.
  1. Personal Data Protection Notice:

    a) The organization, with head office at Rua Rio Cávado, nº3, Freguesia de Carnide, Municipality of Lisbon, and NIPC 506552918 is the entity responsible for data processing within the scope of the 8th Edition of the Passporte Program.

    b) Your membership number of the Portuguese Film Academy will be processed for the purpose of confirming with the Portuguese Film Academy the validity of the applicant's membership number and the condition of having the respective membership fees up to date, based on the legitimate interests of the organization in confirming whether the applicant meets the requirement of being a member or friend of the Portuguese Film Academy, in order to pre-validate your application.

    c) The personal data collected through the submission of the application form or through the retrieval of an application will be processed by the organization for the following purposes: submission and pre-validation of the applications; analysis/evaluation of the applications by the Jury; management of the relationship and communication with the candidates; if the candidate is selected and after his/her availability is confirmed, his/her data will be shared with the casting directors with whom they will conduct interviews, and will also be processed in connection with the candidate's participation in the events promoted by the organization in which he/she participates (such as showcase, workshops, lectures). These purposes will be pursued on the basis of the execution of the contract with the candidate, namely the Regulations of the 8th Edition of the Passport Program.

    d) The applicant's personal data may be shared by the organization to its service providers who provide services to it in the course of pursuing the described purposes (such as IT support, database hosting).

    e) The personal data of the application form marked with * are mandatory in order to submit your application, so without them you will not be able to do so.

    f) We inform you that the personal data collected as part of the application will be kept for the time deemed necessary for the purposes indicated, without prejudice to the need to keep it for a longer period due to the need to comply with legal obligations.

    g. You can exercise your rights under the law (access, rectification, erasure, limitation, limitation, opposition, portability) through written contact to the following e-mail (, without prejudice to the right to complain to the competent control authority (

    h) Learn more about how your data will be treated by contacting us in writing through the e-mail or through registered mail addressed to Rua Rio Cávado, nº3, 1600-702 Lisboa.

Lisboa, 22 de Fevereiro de 2023.

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Since 2016, Passaporte has directly led our actors to integrate into international productions.